Educational Programing


In addition to playing music, Ryan LittleEagle is an acclaimed Storyteller and Cultural Educator. LittleEagle has been producing and presenting educational programming on Indigenous Culture since he was 17. LittleEagle has presented at numerous schools (K-12) and private institution across the United States, including numerous accredited Universities and Museums.

Ryan has the ability to cater and provide various unique insights and perspectives on Indigenous Culture to audience of all ages and backgrounds.

Areas LittleEagle Lectures on includes

  • General Native American History (East meets West)

  • Mitakuye Oyasın (Diversity and Race Relations)

  • Lakota History

  • Traditional Stories

  • Being Native American in the 21st Century

  • Modern Native History post 1900

  • Relationships Between Bison and Lakota

  • Modern Native American Culture and Background

  • Native American Music

  • Pow Wow Culture

StoryTeller Sessions

After a season working at Tatanka: Story of the Bison, LittleEagle decided to begin a Youtube series dedicated to preserving the oral traditions of Indigenous People