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Ryan LittleEagle, a traveling Indigenous singer-songwriter and musician, weaves together the traditional and the contemporary, the ancestral and the modern, into the vast tapestry of American music. A product of Canyon Lake, Texas, Ryan's journey traverses the heartlands of America, from the open plains of the Midwest to the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. Yet, his spirit finds itself at home outside the Black Hills of South Dakota, where the echoes of his ancestors resonate through the prairie.


Inspired by storytellers like Johnny Cash, George Strait and Jason Isbell, he carved a niche in the realm of Country and Americana music, blending the sounds of his Native heritage with tales of the human experience. For over 15 years, he has roamed the roads, sharing his soul-stirring compositions with audiences across the nation, playing hundreds of shows yearly.


Sharing stages with legends of Native music, Ryan has garnered accolades and awards, including the prestigious Native American Music Awards and the Canadian Indigenous Music Awards. Additionally, his musical prowess was recognized by the Taino Tribal Nation for his representation of the community through his music.

With five studio albums to his name, including his recent debut singer-songwriter album Native Americana, LittleEagle's musical legacy continues to evolve, resonating with audiences far and wide. His latest single, "Til I'm Gone"; epitomizes his enduring commitment to his style of storytelling and melody.


Beyond the musical stage, LittleEagle's role as a cultural educator and traditional dancer underscores his reverence for his heritage. He strives to continue to raise awareness of Indigenous issues, championing the voices of his people with grace and dignity.


In essence, Ryan LittleEagle stands as more than a musician: he is an ambassador of his community, a custodian of tradition, and a bridge between worlds. Through his music, he invites us to embrace the richness of culture through the power of storytelling and song. 

Awards and Recognition


  • Aboriginal People's Choice Music Awards Winner

    •  Best Flute CD

  • Native American Music Awards Winner

    • Debut Artist of the Year


  • Native American Music Awards Nominee

    • Best Flutist

    • Best Compilation (Various Artist)



  • Aboriginal People's Choice Music Awards nominee

    • Best Flute CD


  • Native American Music Awards Winner

    •  Best Instrumental Recording


  • Native American Music Awards Nomine

    • Artist of the Year

    • Best Compilation (EarthBound Angel)



  • TAINO Awards Musician of the Year

  • Indigenous Music Awards Winner

    • Best Flute CD Winner​​​​




  • Native American Music Awards Nominee

    • Flutist of the Year



  • Native American Style FLute Awards Nominee

    • Flutist of the Year



  • Native American Music Awards Nominee

    • Best Flute CD​​

    • Best Male Vocalist

    • Best Country CD​


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