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Crossing Borders GoFundMe Campaign 


Lisa Byykkonen (Mom)

Adam Messer

Cindylee Anderson

Jill Brady


Now through the middle of June, Ryan Little Eagle is trying to raise $5,000 towards his new album Crossing Borders. Ryan has self produced his last three albums, which have all won awards in the United States and Canada. Ryan was the 2013 Native American Music Awards Debut Artist of the Year, and won for Best Instumental Record in 2014. He was also nominated for Artist of the Year in 2014 at the Native American Music Awards competing against living legends of the Native Music scene.

The upcoming album will feature a fusion of music from North and South America as he combines influences from his Native American and Latin American heritage. 
Combining Latin Guitar and Carribean Percussion with Native American Flute, Ryan hopes to deliver an album that will cross borders and showcase the beauty of the indigenous people of the Americas and their music. 

Ryan prereleased his hit single Dos Mundos Un Corazon feature Peruvian Fusion band  PERUSA El Ultimo Inka.  This song has become an international sensation as it showcases Indigenous Music and brought two worlds and cultures together. This song has been released on iTunes and will be featured on Ryan's new album project. 

For two years Ryan has heard people ask "When is the new album coming out?" Well, the time has finally come, but he needs your help to make it happen!

What will the money be used for?

Professional Studio and RecordingTime
Studio Musicians and Collaborators
Mixing and Mastering of the Project
Distribution online and physical copies of the project


Tell everyone you know about this project! Donate what you can!!And Let's Make This Project a Reality!!! 

3, 2, 1! 

Thank you so much for your love and support and for Ryan and this project! He's counting on you to make this a success and showcase rich cultures of the Americas!


Click Here to Donate:

Perks for Sponsorship 

$5 - Personal Thank you from Ryan.

$10- Personal Thank you, as well as a digital download for Dos Mundos, Un Corazon.

$15- Copy of the New Album and a Personal Thank You, and a Mention on Ryan's website as a sponsor.

$25- signed Copy of the New Album, a Mention on Ryan's website as a sponsor, and one of Ryan's previous award winning albums.

$50- signed Copy of the Album, 2 of Ryan's previous albums, a Mention on Ryan's website as a sponsor, and personal thank you letter

$100- signed album, poster, a Mention on Ryan's website as a sponsor. All Ryan's previous album
and individual mention in the CD cover

$1000- is all of the above and a personal performance (private or at your event) to be arranged at everyone's convenience


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